The Lights Festival?

So heres my thoughts. I’ve never been. It looks like so much fun. It reminds me of Tangled. It’s literally like a dream come true!! A fantastic moment/memory that MUST be lived!! Although, I did notice that people can even personalize their own lanterns! But my question is, is this just because? For whatever reason that may set your heart on fire? Or is there a sole purpose for this festival? If or if not, it is a remarkable memory that I feel would be the highlight of my life. If anyone has ever gone to this festival or anymore festivals that my poor unfortunate soul has not heard of, please leave me some feedback. I want to know about  the experience from others.  


Our Generation and the Medias. 

I find it so strange. Our generation is obsessed with attention. Whether you admit to it or not. We want people to adore us. As if we arw famous. We want people to love our lives. We want people to make us feel like we are some kind of huge importance. Whether it be us, our art, craft, photography, poems, music. We want people to be in love with our shit. But for what? It’s a little weird if you think about it. You post a picture/status to facebook or twitter, you want people to like it. You post something on a blog, you want people to read it and reblog it. You post a video to youtube, you want people to view it. But why? Some of these people dont even give a shit about their viewers opinions. Even I question my own mentality.

Here goes nothing.


Well this is my first blog post. I was inspired to do this from the movie Ask Me Anything. I don’t think I will ever get any viewers or followers. But if I do, great. So basically, I’d like to think my life is interesting. But. Its not. I’d say it’s a normal life. I don’t have any crazy stories to tell. But I will share you my deepest thoughts. I hope that is just as good. 
Ps..idk.what the photo is about or what it relates to this but i like it so i wont be removing it.